STEM Learning NSF Grant Staff Meeting

February 9, 2015
Riverside, CA

Grant PIs
Dr. Sandra Calvert (Georgetown)
Dr. Ellen Wartella (Northwestern)
Dr. Rebekah Richert (UC Riverside)

Staff Attendees
Dr. Kate Brunick (Georgetown; postdoctoral fellow)
Dr. Leanne Beaudoin Ryan (Northwestern; postdoctoral fellow)
Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim (UC Riverside; postdoctoral fellow)
Molly Schlesinger (UC Riverside; graduate student)
Tatiana Garcia (UC Riverside; lab coordinator)

STEM Learning NSF Grant Advisory Board Meeting

June 2, 2014
Northwestern University

Grant PIs
Dr. Sandra Calvert (Georgetown)
Dr. Ellen Wartella (Northwestern)
Dr. Rebekah Richert (UC Riverside)

Panel 1: Overview of STEM Skills and Literacy in Early Childhood
Dr. Aubrey Alvarez (Northwestern)
Dr. Hilary Barth (Wesleyan)
Dr. Kevin Brown (University of Chicago)
Dr. Douglas Clements (University of Denver)
Dr. Paul Harris (Harvard)
Dr. David Uttal (Northwestern)

Panel 2: Considerations in Creating and Designing Intelligent Agents
Dr. Ivon Arroyo (University of Massachusetts)
Dr. Evan Barba (Georgetown)
Dr. Derek Burrill (UC Riverside)
Dr. Louis-Philippe Morency (University of Southern California)
Dr. Kristina Striegnitz (Union College)
Dr. Uri Wilensky (Northwestern)

Panel 3: Understanding Effective Parent and Teacher Support of Early STEM Literacy
Dr. Daniel Anderson (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Dr. Kimberly Brenneman (National Institute for Early Education Research)
Dr. Alexis Lauricella (Northwestern)
Dr. Stephanie Reich (UC Irvine)
Dr. Rosemarie Truglio (Sesame Workshop)

Other Attendees
Israel Flores (UC Riverside; project coordinator)
Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim (UC Riverside; postdoctoral fellow)
Kate Brunick (Georgetown; postdoctoral fellow)
Melissa Richards (Georgetown; graduate student)
Courtney Blackwell (Northwestern; graduate student)
Fashina Alade (Northwestern; graduate student)

CDMC Steering Committee and Advisory Board Meeting

May 29, 2009

CDMC Center
Sandra Calvert- Georgetown University
Ellen Wartella – University of California Riverside
Elizabeth Vandewater- Research Triangle Institute International
Daniel Anderson- University of Massachusetts
Deborah Linebarger- University of Pennsylvania

CDMC Advisory Board Members
Rosemarie Truglio- Sesame Workshop
Georgene Troseth- Vanderbilt University
Michael Rich- Harvard University
Vicky Rideout- Kaiser Family Foundation
Jeff McIntyre- Children Now
Alice Cahn- Cartoon Network

Additional Attendees:
Rebekah Richert- University of California Riverside
Alice Ann Howard- Georgetown University
Sue Fenstermacher- Georgetown University
Alexis Lauricella- Georgetown University
Elizabeth Zack- Georgetown University
Amanda Exner- Georgetown University
Christina Baker- Georgetown University
Katherine Salerno- Georgetown University
Elizabeth Brey- Georgetown University
Alex Verdaguer- Georgetown University

CDMC Meeting Presentations
Learning to Trust Televised Information (UCR) 
Eye Movement Research (UMass)
Parasocial Interaction (Georgetown)
Contingent Computer Interaction (Georgetown)
Digital Childhood: Electronic Media Use (RTI)
Babies, TV/DVD, and Language (University of Pennsylvania)
Interactional Modeling (Georgetown and UPenn)


CDMC Steering Committee and Advisory Board Meeting

March 5, 2005

CDMC Center
Barbara O’Keefe – Northwestern University
Ellen Wartella – University of California Riverside
Elizabeth Vandewater – University of Texas at Austin
Patricia Greenfield – University of California at Los Angeles
Sandra Calvert – Georgetown University

CDMC Advisory Board Members
Daniel Anderson — University of Massachusetts
Dale Kunkel — University of Arizona
Patti Miller – Children Now
Michael Rich — Harvard University
Patti Valkenburg – The Amsterdam School of Communications
Barbara Wilson — University of Illinois

Additional Attendees:
Sean Zehnder- CDMC Graduate Student from Northwestern University
Bonnie Strong – Georgetown University Grad Student and Administrative Officer for CDMC

CDMC Meeting Highlights
Overview of Findings 2005 (Georgetown) 
Adolescents Communicate Online (UCLA)
Teens, Health, and the Internet (UCLA)
Digital-Kids Lab Update (Northwestern)