SRCD Conference 2019 – Baltimore, Maryland

In March of 2019, Dr. SandraCalvert, graduate student Marisa Putnam, Research Assistant Molly Biedermann and former lab member Naomi Aguiar attended the Society for Research in Child Development conference in Baltimore. They presented on the Curious George 2D to 3D Transfer Study and the Intelligent Agent study.



Molly Biedermann, Naomi Aguiar and Dr. Sandra Calvert                      Molly Biedermann, Naomi Aguiar, Marisa Putnam and

presenting on the Curious George Transfer Study.                                 and Dr. Sandra Calvert at the SRCD Conference.




Naomi Aguiar presenting the Curious George                                          Naomi Aguiar, Dr. Sandra Calvert, and Molly Biedermann

study to a conference attendee.                                                                presenting on the Intelligent Agent study.