Opening of the Wright Family Psychology Lounge – Georgetown University

Dr. Sandra Calvert, graduate student Marisa Putnam, Research Assistant Molly Biedermann, Research Assistant Lauren Seibel, Research Assistant Sophia Farfan and Research Assistant Joy Nissen attend the opening of the Wright Family Psychology Lounge at Georgetown University in March of 2019. This beautiful room was donated by the Wright family in honor of Charlotte Wright, who was a member of the CDMC team during her time at Georgetown.


The plaque describing the Wright Family                                                   Dr. Sandra Calvert and Charlotte Wright hugging

Psychology Lounge in White-Gravenor Hall.                                              at the grand opening celebration.


Charlotte Wright at the celebration.                                         Pamela Wright, Joe Rossetter, Charlotte Wright,  Jacqueline Mars and Dr. Sandra Calvert.


Lauren Seibel, Marisa Putnam, Sophia Farfan, Dr. Sandra Calvert,                Pamela Wright at the celebration.

Charlotte Wright and Joy Nissen.



Lauren Seibel, Dr. Sandra Calvert and Joy Nissen                                         Sophia Farfan, Marisa Putnam, Lauren Seibel and Joy Nissen.

chatting at the opening event.



Dr. Chandan Vaidya, Charlotte Wright, and Dean Celenza conversing.         Dr. Sandra Calvert and Lauren Seibel embracing.


Molly Biedermann at the opening event.